Athletic Trainer

The Hudson Valley Hype Enterprises, LLC is proud to employ the services of Malik Taylor as Head Athletic Trainer. Malik’s extensive experience comes from his Master’s Degree in Sociology, for the last ten years he has managed, counseled or developed athletic programs for everyone from school kids to his current position as director of the police athletic league in NYC. During the regular season

 Mr. Taylor will conduct the initial assessment of an athlete’s injury or illness in order to provide emergency or continued care, and to determine whether they should be referred to physicians for definitive diagnosis and treatment. His duties will include but are not limited too:

  • Care for athletic injuries using physical therapy equipment, techniques, and medication.
  • Evaluate athletes’ readiness to play, and provide participation clearances when necessary and warranted.
  • Apply protective or injury preventive devices such as tape, bandages, or braces to body parts such as ankles, fingers, or wrists.
  • Assess and report the progress of recovering athletes to coaches and physicians.
  • Advise athletes on the proper use of equipment.
  • Travel with athletic teams in order to be available at sporting events.
  • Inspect playing fields in order to locate any items that could injure players.
  • Massage body parts in order to relieve soreness, strains, and bruises.
  • Confer with coaches in order to select protective equipment.
  • Accompany injured athletes to hospitals.
  • Perform team-support duties such as running errands, maintaining equipment, and stocking supplies.
  • Lead stretching exercises for team members prior to games and practices. 

Malik is available Monday through Friday at his current position excluding team practices and can be reached for private consultation at