94Fifty Training provided by the Hudson Valley Hype

By · March 17, 2014 · Filed in From the Owner

Hudson Valley Hype Enterprises, LLC in conjunction with 94Fifty Sports Technologies are proud to introduce the Hudson Valley to the only ball that measures your game. The Hudson Valley Hype are Tournament, Professional and Summer Developmental League Champions because of their hard work ethic and strenuous training. This success is not built on raw talent but the ability to build on skills with proper technique, the measuring of this technique is the key. The ball only does what the player tells it to do. By measuring the motion of the ball, you measure the player with great detail. Patented inertial motion sensor arrays inside of the 94Fifty basketball combined with sophisticated, patent-pending pattern recognition algorithms automate what the ball can count. Proprietary scoring algorithms based on thousands of samples do the rest to produce the most complete personalized assessments of athletic skill ever available in any sport, exclusively available in the Hudson Valley through Hudson Valley Hype.
The technology generates objective, personalized diagnostics within seconds and provides all the information for players and coaches to see the results. We give players and coaches a rich snapshot of core skills, and when combined with personal commitment, great coaching, and personal training, our diagnostics provide a powerful way to improve skills quickly and dramatically. The Hype’s dominate record of championships, league records for scoring per game as a team, and 22-1 record since 2012 are evidence that the proof is in the ball.
Appointments for training are filling up quickly as players of all skill levels, both male and female can begin to take advantage of the one on one training and success this technology offers. Take advantage of a single session or purchase multiple sessions to use at your convenience to continue to monitor your development. Call Hudson Valley Hype Enterprises, LLC or email info@hudsonvalleyhype.com for more information.