What is the Summer Developmental League?

By · October 8, 2013 · Filed in From the Owner

The Hudson Valley Hype continue to make strides in innovation for the minor league professional basketball player. This year we have instituted a Summer Developmental League, much like the NBA’s Developmental League, except the rookie tryout players have an opportunity to play alongside the established professional players. Owner Allen Pickett explains, “It is impossible to see how a player will perform at this level from a stat sheet or highlight video. We have chosen this as a venue for the potential new players to showcase their talents, in a professional setting with existing professional players. We are going to manage this team just as we would during the regular season, with community service events, exhibition games, full stat sheets and offensive/defensive plays. Even though the summer league games are not a full (48) minute game against full professional teams, I believe it will serve as the perfect training tool you can’t find at a practice or single day tryout.”

The Hudson Valley Hype Summer League Schedule:
Tuesday July 30th Tipoff 7:30
Thursday August 8th Tipoff 7:30
Tuesday August 20th Tipoff 7:30
Tuesday September 3rd Tipoff 7:30
Thursday September 12th Tipoff 9:00
Thursday September 19th Tipoff 8:00
Tuesday September 24th Tipoff 9:00

Playoffs Round #1 Tuesday October 1st 8:00
Championship Game Thursday October 3rd 8:00

Hudson Valley Hype Summer League Players/Status:
Prince Jackson- Professional
Lemmy Bradley- Rookie
Max Lainbowley- Rookie
Ramon Garcia- Rookie
Mike McNair- Professional
Tim Morris- Rookie
Andre Delformente- Professional
Tony Surin- Rookie
Terry Colemen- Rookie