Hudson Valley Hype 2012 Champions

By · August 5, 2013 · Filed in Hudson Valley Hype News

The Cinderella season for the team from the Hudson Valley ended in a 103 to 92 victory over the Metropolitan All Stars and the title of 2012 Eastern Basketball Alliance Champions. Finals MVP honors went to St. Peters standout point guard Nick Leon. The season started for the Hype under the new management as Allen Pickett single handedly turned the franchise from 1-11 to 11-1 including a championship title in one year. The Hype’s only loss of the season came at the hands of division rival NY Wizards, although they were shorthanded for the game in Long Island it was still a disappointing loss and a wakeup call for the players. Teams in both the Northern and Southern divisions began to see the offensive and defensive strength of Hudson Valley as they not only beat teams by an average margin of 28.7pts. this season, but more importantly held teams to a meager 88.9pts per game, both historic margins for a team in the Eastern Basketball Alliance. Owner Allen Pickett explains, “My goal and the focus of the coaching staff since the pre-season has been defense, the league is filled with players that can score 30+ on any given night, but if you have a team defensive concept over any one’s individual stats then you are going to come away with a victory more times than not.” The Hype also set league records this year for most assists in a single game by veteran Gerald Carter and most three point field goals by Nick Carter.
Mr. Pickett continues, “This was literally 16 months of basketball and business to get to this point, I started clinics and tryouts in May of last year, then moved on to NYC summer tournaments, exhibition games and then we officially started the season a month earlier in the Northern Division in order to keep the momentum going. The team was overwhelmingly loaded with talent from the start, most teams have one or two players move onto higher professional careers but we had four during the season. Dominique Jones went to Germany, Lou McCrowskie to Canada, Cesar Jacobo to Coasta Rica, and Lloyd Clinton to the famous Harlem Wizards, we even lost our starting point guard to Mexico for a short period. But with an NYC iconic basketball coaching legend like James Ryans and the scouting mastermind of Andre Ricketts we didn’t skip a beat.”
The season was not only about winning percentages, the Hype and Hudson Valley Hype Enterprises, LLC made charitable donations and completed community service work throughout the year to Food Shelters, Coat Drives for the Homeless, and even a league first Breast Cancer Foundation Awareness final regular season game that raised money based solely on donations for admittance. Mr. Pickett continues, “The Hype as a franchise have always made the best possible attempt to not only be accessible to the community and our fans but give back to those that have made us feel welcome as well.” The Hype also made accommodations for all Hudson Valley Big Brother Big Sister and Boys Club members to come see the best team in NYC for free this year.